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Dash Goes to the Office

By Class 3F

On Wednesday during period 1, Class 3F sent Dash the robot to the office to deliver the attendance. We programmed Dash using block instructions. We told Dash to go Forward, Turn Right, Turn Left, and to make sounds like Horse and Fire Siren.

The first time we tried our experiment, Dash went too close to the left walls and ran into the couch outside the office. The second time, Dash went right straight down the middle of the hall and right into the office. We had also programmed Dash to come back, however, it ran into the Grade 2 shoes just before it got home. The third time, the clip let go of the folder at the office carpet, but Dash made it back to the class perfectly.

When Dash gets to the office, it says, “The attendance is here! Please unclip the folder and press the white button.”  The white button starts the return part of the program. When Dash gets back to the classroom, it says, “Mr. Forgrave, I’m back!”

Next, we might experiment with having Dash:

  • Take a different path to the office;
  • Recognize if Ms. Wand is in the way
  • Say, “Excuse me!”
  • Learn to carry the attendance on its head and dump it on the floor.

We really like having Dash in our classroom. We all think Dash is really cute!

Here is the program we made:

We hope you enjoyed our video and our story!