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Wonderful Winter Snowshoeing!

By Class 3F

We are snowshoeing!

On Monday afternoon, Class 3F had a surprise opportunity to enjoy the winter snow by snowshoeing in the baseball field behind the school.

For many of us, this was our first opportunity to try snowshoeing, and it was a wonderful learning experience. Although we may have fallen down once or twice (or seven times!), we had a lot of fun!

We wrote the following instructions for others who may have not ever tried snowshoeing.

Instructions for Snowshoeing

  1. Be dressed for outside weather.
  2. Find a pair of matching snowshoes from the bag.
  3. Find a clear spot of your own to put them on.
  4. Putting on the snowshoes:
    a) put the snowshoes on the ground, teeth side down, bindings side up.
    b) loosen the 3 straps on each snowshoe (see photo)
    c) put one foot in one snowshoe.
    d) make sure your toe is pushed forward as far as possible (to the toe hole)
    e) tighten the top 2 straps over the top of your boot.
    f) make sure the heel strap is behind your boot and then tighten it.
    g) repeat steps c-f for the second snowshoe.
  5. Try walking. If needed, tighten the straps so your boots stay in the bindings.
  6. Have fun!
Snowshoe binding with two tops straps and one heel strap.
Snowshoe binding with two tops straps and one heel strap. The toe hole is at the front.