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The Skyhawks visit SJAM!!

DSC03693Students at Sir John A. Macdonald School in Belleville were visited Wednesday morning by the Canadian Skyhawks parachute team. The team dropped from the sky and landed right in the schoolyard to the delight of all students and teachers.


Ground Crew

The ground crew organizer monitored the wind and the landing area. He signalled the plane to let the pilots know where the landing area was. He maintained contact with the plane via walkie-talkie. When the Skyhawks were ready to jump, he told us that the plane was dropping SkyHawks.

First Formation

The first three SkyHawks jumped out of the plane. As they got closer,  we were excited to see them do a really cool trick. They were coming closer in the sky and they joined together with two on top and one underneath. Then, the one at the bottom released a Canadian flag and red smoke. After flying through the air as a group, they separated so they wouldn’t crash on landing.

Successful Landing!

The  first  parachutist to arrive (the one flying the Canadian flag)  landed right on the red target spot! Before landing  they have to pull down on their controls to slow their decent.  After landing, they quickly gathered their parachutes and made room for the next team members to arrive.

Second Formation

Three Skyhawks jumped out of the plane and once they got closer they attached themselves together by holding each others legs to create a spinning circle. The men’s boots had red smoke coming out of the centre.  Once they got close to the ground they detached and each one landed safely .

Multi-Coloured Smoke Show!

The last group had pink, green, blue, and yellow smoke coming out to create a candycane-looking rod. The smoke was cool, fun, and beautiful!  Multi-coloured smoke is cool because when they fly around in the sky,  they make cool pictures. It was awesome!

Presenting the Skyhawks

"Skyhawks Salute," animated GIF by @aforgrave
“Skyhawks Salute,” animated GIF by @aforgrave

When the Skyhawks were done their performance, they stood at attention in a line. Then, they saluted us and we all clapped and cheered. At the command, they turned to their right and then marched off, while waving goodbye! It was a fantastic show!!

Meeting a Skyhawk and Packing a Parachute

After the Skyhawks had all landed,  they had to pack up the parachute so that it would be ready for their next jump. Each jumper packs his or her own parachute. We got to help pack the parachute,  and try it on.  Although it weighs 35 pounds, it felt like 80 pounds! It was very complicated to pack the parachute. but it was fun meeting our Skyhawk, Alexi! We had lots of questions for him, and he had lots of great answers!

Everybody with the Skyhawks

After the Skyhawks had packed their parachutes with the classes, our whole school took a picture with the them. Everyone huddled up at the baseball diamond so that we could all be in the picture. We all smiled and said “Skyhawks” as Ms. Wand took the picture.



  • Introduction, by Nathanyal and Mr. Forgrave
  • Ground Crew, by Giri and Reade
  • First Formation, by Sharon, Mit, and Rishi
  • Successful Landing, by Kyerah, Brooklyn, and Mr. Forgrave
  • Second Formation by Giri and Jaron
  • Multi-Coloured Smoke by Mahek, Jaron, Chelsea, Aashvi
  • Presenting the Skyhawks, by Aashvi
  • Packing a Parachute, by Miah, Caitlyn, and Mr. Forgrave
  • Everybody with the Skyhawks, by Lyla, Krish, and Raj 

Photos and animated GIFs by Mr. Forgrave.
Second Formation photo by Mr. Allery.
Everybody with the Skyhawks photo by Ms. Wand.