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Have a Great Summer!

“Our Final Class Photo,” by @aforgrave

Students in Class 3F wave goodbye while wearing their individually designed Minecraft heads! Yes, the boys are dabbing! And yes, that is Principal Wand in the back row, standing beside Mr. Forgrave (@GumbyBlockhead).

Have a great summer holiday everyone!

Our “One Word” Project for 2017


Students in Class 3F have each selected a word to represent a goal or focus for the coming year of 2017. Each student has been working to explain their word in paragraph form, supporting their choice and suggesting how they might explore their word in the coming year.

We look forward to 2017 and all of the learning yet to come!

Belleville Children’s Safety Village

On the morning of Monday, October 24th, students from Class 3F visited the Belleville Children’s Safety Village to learn and practice how to be safe around sidewalks, intersections, and moving vehicles.

During our visit, we reviewed our understanding of sidewalk safety, road crossings, and being safe around school buses and traffic. We reminded ourselves to walk in the middle of the sidewalk, to take a giant step back from the curb, and to “Stop, Look, and Listen” when getting ready to cross the road.

All of the students had an opportunity to practice at being both a pedestrian and a driver in the safety of the scale village. We had a great time driving the Jeeps on the right side of the road, practicing our turns, and stopping for the various signs and signal lights.

Pedestrians and drivers wait at the railroad crossing of the Children’s Safety Village.

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During our visit, students created two mock emergencies. In one instance, a student “fell off a roof,” and in the other, “a train accident injured six students.” We practiced calling 9-1-1, and provided the necessary information to the 9-1-1 operator.

We all had fun at the safety village and learned about being safe around traffic and moving vehicles. Thanks to Officer Dan for letting us visit!

Zoetrope Animations

Story by Krish, Kyerah, Lyla, Nathanyal, Reade, and Sharon

Zoetrope and TNT animation
Zoetrope and sample 12-frame animation (TNT explosion by Reade)

In early January, students in Class 3F learned how animations work by creating their own 12-frame animation.

We used a pencil for our initial draft, and then pencil crayons to add colour to our work.

Each animation was drawn on a 12-frame paper strip and then placed into a device called a zoetrope. To see the animation, we spin the zoetrope and then look at the images through little slits. Your eye sees each image quickly, but your brain mashes them together as long as they are neat and show the same thing moving slightly frame to frame.

Watch this short video to see the Zoetrope in action, and to see the animation.

Here is an animated GIF version of the 12-frames which is even easier to see.

"TNT Explosion" animation, by Reade
“TNT Explosion” animation, by Reade