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Brent and Sarah’s Magic Show

Brent (left) and Sarah (right) help Mrs. Sprague (centre) believe in her personal power, right before Mrs. Sprague made the water on her head disappear.

Today SJAM was visited by magicians Brent and Sarah (@BrentandSarah, on Twitter), who performed a great magic show with music, magic, and excellent messages.

Even before the show started, there was exciting music playing through the speakers, and several times during the show we heard music to add drama or seriousness.

Brent and Sarah each performed magic tricks like making water disappear, catching the spirit of SJAM, putting paper and rope together, and figuring out chosen celebrities and cards.

The show taught great messages like “anything is possible,“ “believe in yourself,“ “you’re not alone,” and “find your magic!“

The music, magic, and messages made Brent and Sarah’s show a great event for the whole school!